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Evidence of Learning
Learning through the process of Inquiry
Juniors - ANZAC Celebration
Juniors Increasing Reading
YEAR 5, 6, 7, 8 CAMPS

Just because its funny...

I wonder what the video about computers will be like and what the shift will be that replaces it.

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Year 8 -http://wintonschoolroom10blog.blogspot.com
Year 4/5 - http://mrchapmansclass.blogspot.com
Year 3/4 - http://wintonschool2010room4.blogspot.com
Kapa Haka Group http://www.polyfest2010.blogspot.com/
Year 5/6 (last year 2009) - http://wintonschool2009room3.blogspot.com

Evidence of Learning
Blogs (as linked above)

These photographs were taken in Terms 3 & 4 of displays from around the classrooms. They show the use of learning intentions and success criterias to develop student thinking and learning.

Learning through the process of Inquiry
An Inquiry topic in th year 3/4 classes looking at the process of products. These two videos were created by students using Kidpix. It demonstrates their understanding of the process a product goes through. It also demonstrates the ICT skills developed to process the information learnt.

Year 2 Inquiry - focusing onthe process of bread making.
Students produced a kidpix slide show to share their understanding of the process

KIDPIX REFLECTION - Students in years 0-4 experience kidpix as their first introduction to creating a slideshow to tell their learning story. Although the toolboxes are very visual and encourage students to be creative, there are lots of real ICT skills they need to create their story. Knowing how to log on and save each slide, where to save it, how to retrieve it, putting slides in order/sequence of their story, exporting as a movie. ALL these skills are transferrable to other applications they will meet as their use of ICT grows. The downside of Kidpix, aside from being a bit fiddly in comparison to keynote/ppt, is that the quality is lost as you export it to create a movie, upload to mobile applications. As teachers, there has been lots of learning and troubleshooting with how best to export kidpix applications without loosing the quality.


In Term 4, Year 5 and 6 class inquiry unit hosted by technology looked at the problem of how to design and best display books in our new library. They also looked at the how students will use our new library and locate resources. As a going further element students went to other classrooms with a COW trolly and taught students how to access the new online library system to search for books, how to locate them, and to encourage writing book reviews. A year 6 student created a step by step instruction of how to complete an online search as he thought that by the time students returned in Term 1 2011 they may need a quick reminder.


(Shared with community and school and Assembly)

Maui and the Fish Hook Papaka and Koura

Juniors - ANZAC Celebration with Whanau and Community
The junior syndicate took themselves out into the community to talk with Senior Citizens and Parents about ANZAC. They enjoyed listening to stories and the importance of the War to people in the past. (A Special evening was organised with Grandparents and Whanau who took part in teaching students about ANZAC - they came to school and the junior students and teachers put on a special supper and they all watched the presentation together.) (Sorry, Problems uploading as a video file. Will share keynote instead.)

Juniors Increasing Reading and Fluency through Read aLong and Reading Eggs Programme
(Report to board on whole school data on Read-along presented and evidence of student learning through ICT will be updated here too.)
The read along programme has been a school wide initiative. Books at all reading levels have been recorded onto dvds. The school purchased approximately 50 portable cd players (mostly funded by PTA), so that students could listen to and follow the reading. This has shown extensive improvements in students fluency and reall shifts in reading levels.


YEAR 5, 6, 7, 8 CAMPS

Students in years 5-8 have the opportunity to go on camp. Teachers took digital cameras and the new flip mino purchased in Term 2. These were shared and used by teachers and students to record their learning through the outdoor ed programme. The year 8's sent mobile messages to their blog for whanau to follow and comment on during camp. Back at school students were able to use the pictures/movies to reflect on their experiences and then produce slideshows/movies to share back with school students/whanau and community during Assembly.

Slideshows currently being uploaded to this space........

Notes and links from uLearn Conference in Christchurch September 2010

I had no expectations when I went to uLearn for the first time, but I didn't anticipate how much I would return inspired. It was awesome.
Laptop constantly open, frantically typing aware so as not to miss anything. Here are my notes from the conference.

We are Family

Wii are Family

uLEARN KEYNOTES - Lee Crockett (Canada), Steve Wheeler (UK), Lane Clark (Canada)

PLUS Lane Clarks Handouts:

uLEARN BREAKOUTS - EPortfolios (1 day workshop), eLiteracy is the Hook (Point England School), Linking eCompetencies with Key Competencies, Curriculum Framework & KnowledgeNet by Mark Treadwell, Social Networking, Solutions by Tony Ryan

uLearn Keynote Presentation to staff
This keynote was a collection of key points taken from Keynote speakers and Breakout Session heard from the presenters at uLearn 2010. Presented to staff at the beginning of Term 4 (Squeezing 4 days into 30 minutes (Some key points)).

Here's the keynote file, (and movie clip for quick view of contents before you download).

I was asked "If I could choose just one word to describe my experience of uLearn 2010 what would that one word be" ....