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Some of our Year 6 students went to Enrich to learn about i animation. Here is a example of the work they did.

As part of a music unit the children made soundscapes to the story "We're going on a Bear Hunt" The children performed these and recorded them on garageband. The first is an example from 2 Year 6 boys and the second is from a Year 2 group.
Year 6
Year 2 group


Here is an assessment rubric that we developed to assess the science aspect of our inquiry.

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Makarewa School Goals for the ICT Cluster

1.To develop and use a blog to promote literacy skills.
The idea is to broaden the audience that our writers have and increase the chance for them to receive feedback from other. To achieve this we need to develop a blogging community where staff and children are visiting each others sites regularly.

2. To increase staff knowledge and use of Interactive Whiteboards in learning.
3. To increase staff's knowledge and skills in implementing the Inquiry Process in classroom teaching & learning.
  • Develop a school wide inquiry.
  • Develop common understandings of the stages of the inquiry model. What each stage looks like? The types of tasks / thinking tools / ICT can be used at each stage?
  • Staff to have the ability to use different forms of ICT within the inquiry model/

Here are the classroom blogs that have been developed.
Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Room 4
Room 5
Room 6
Room 3&4 also have a wiki that they present work on.