Cluster Visit/Launch 21.4.10

Further to Kath's session on Inquiry, some ideas from Sharon Friesen of Galileo Educational Network in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on the "Myths" around inquiry that seemed to fit well with today's messages:
Inquiry Myths
The teacher must never tell the students what they know.
Inquiry-based teaching absolves the teacher of any responsibility to act on students’ incorrect conceptions.
In inquiry-based teaching, the teacher is only the facilitator.
In inquiry-based teaching the teacher does not need to know anything about the subject matter, as it is the students who lead the inquiry.
In inquiry-based learning the students must learn everything by themselves
Inquiry-based learning means uncontrolled exploration
In inquiry-based learning all student answers and responses are equally valid
In inquiry-based learning students must do all learning cooperatively in groups.
Inquiry-based learning means lower standards.
Inquiry-based learning de-emphasizes the ‘basics.’

Information about Galileo Network can be found at

From My Presentation
Adora Svitak TED Talks video on Teachers Learning from Students can be found at

Student Voice on Learning
Unfortunately I don't have permission rights to upload the Te Awamutu Student video but similar work from these students was made into a publicly housed video which can be viewed at
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