Share your blogs here!!!

1. Why are you blogging?
2. Ideas for Blogging
3. Class Blogs
4. Thinking about Blogging with your Class?

1. Why are you blogging?
What, how and why are you using / do you want to use a blog with your students?
A planning sheet including questions and an opportunity to reflect on why and how you would use a blog to effectively enhance students learning.

2. Ideas to incorporate blogs into your teaching and learning (feel free to add others)

1. Video your students reciting and acting out poems / plays / or excerpts of texts. Set up a success rubrik with your students prior to completing the filming and allow them an opportunity to record, review and rerecord. Share on the rubrik and the videos on your blog.
2. Complete book reviews (written or recorded) and share with your followers / readers.
3. As part of your reading programme - read other class / student blogs (in groups or individually) and leave a comment or response with your own blog link for them to respond to as well.
4. Put challenges for the week - visual, research,homework etc on the blog for students to try at home.
5. Publish students writing to share - have the class choose the writing that is the best example of what they are looking for.
6. Share school events through photos and images with students writing accompanying them.
7. Compete a daily reflection log about the learning they have done that day.
8. Add challenges to involve parents - Socratic Questioning, Startling Statements, Video responses.
9. If you are using epals, add information about where you are from - videos, photos, writing, etc., so that you epals overseas can go on the blog and check out the awesome place where we live.

3. Class Blogs within the Cluster (feel free to add your class blog here if it isn't already)

Winton School Blogs (Link takes you to the Winton School Wiki page to access the blogs)
Myross Bush Rm 8
Blog: Justine Hughes
Makarewa School Blogs (Link takes you to the Makarewa School Wiki page to access blogs from there)
New River Rm 12
Myross Bush School Blogs (Link takes you to the Myross Bush website blog links page)
Lochiel School Room 2
Donovan Primary - Room 2

4. Thinking About Blogging with Your Class?

Use the Active Inspire flipchart to work through blogs with your class so the children have an understanding of:
what blogs are
how they can be used
how to be safe on the internet and share some thinking about what they want on their blog.