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Inquiry Examples

Learning Journal Sample (Senior)
This learning journal is a collection of the inquiry investigation we completed in term 2. The focus was visual arts. Our children decided to take the path with a focus on Kiwiana. We integrated ICT throughout the investigation with researching New Zealand artists, Kiwiana sites and other related topics. A highlight of the investigation was when the children decided they wanted to create real gumboots after researching the gumboot song by Fredd Dagg. The children then emailed the Skellerup company and contacted them through skype and email to ask if they would send us some gumboots. A class set of gumboots arrived from Christchurch within 3 days of the children contacting the head of Skellerup marketing. Overall the investigation was a huge success and the children's artwork is still displayed around the school. Some of their art was even sent to the head rep of Foodstuffs as we did a section focused on Cheeky Charlie from the Four Square shops around New Zealand. One of the most valuable stages of our investigation was the celebration at the conclusion with our junior buddy class and of course our 'Rav Page' that parents have filled in to congratulate the children on such an amazing learning journey.

Learning Journal Sample (Junior)
These are a sample of pages from Room 2¹s Learning Journal. It documents
the journey the children took during their Visual Art Inquiry study. The
children used a variety of ICT during their learning internet, activboard,
digital camera, iPhoto, Photo Booth, PowerPoint and Kid Pix.

Team Planning Example

Year 1 and 2 Art Inquiry Plan

Inquiry Planning Template

Inquiry Assessment

Comic Life in Use

Comic Life has been worked on in some classrooms throughout the year with a range of purposes:
to record learning, share thinking and ideas, to record special events, to provide instructions and to celebrate!

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